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There are so many memories of Scott.  Most good..some not so much.  I try to focus on the good.  As we lit the wood stove, for the first time this year, I thought of Scott and the ice storm of 2007.  I will never forget him roasting hot dogs in the wood stove.  It was funny....he got a wire coat hanger out and was just having fun.  He told me he was glad that we had the he knew what to do.  But my favorite part of that time was standing on the front porch with him.  It was about midnight and so quiet.  We just stood there and listened to the trees snap and watched the transformers blow.  It was a special moment that only the two of us shared.  We were both in awe.  I will always treasure that memory!  The world is just not the same without him in it!

Once Scott was telling me about how in 6th grade he asked big bro Chris advice about girls.  Chris told him to "be nice to all the girls because you never know which ones are going to grow up to be hot" and I know Scott took this advice to heart.  Scott was always a ladies man and always friends to those who may feel a little out of place otherwise.  While we were dating I wrote "Scottie the Hottie" on every desk I sat in at school.  Aparently many girls agreed by all of the comments written around it every day!

Scott and I dated for almost 3 years and I feel so special to of gotten to know him that well.  He was such an amazing person that could make any situation interesting.  We definitely had our tough times together but I thank him for making me who I am today.  I wish more than anything he could be here today.. I just wanted him to be happy more than anything. 

I miss you Scottie.  I know we'll get to see each other again someday.  Until  then I wish you a Happy Birthday I know you're having a great one up in heaven you probably have a date with Marilyn Monroe tonight!

I will love you always.


Ashli beck

Ha! amber, Adam, john, Scott n me all went WAY out in the middle of nowhere... way far out. None of us really knew where we were but it didnt matter because Scott was doing enough entertaining to keep up occupied to the point where it didnt matter. Me n amber had picked up a bunch of rocks and were trying to be sneaky and stick them in everyones pockets.. why i have no idea. So We finally found our way home and everyone parted ways after we all sat out in Scott n Adams "office" FOREVER!!! That boy could talk for days about absolutely nothing... but anyway! Scott called me the next morning... real early which was a little bit odd to me.. and asked me why he woke up with 9,000 rocks in his pockets and all i could do was laugh. Then he started laughing and it was just all down hill from there! There is so many memories. I could be on here all night! he was such an amazing person that always tried to make you smile... and it worked.. everytime!!! He was just talented like that I guess.


Love you Scott!! See ya tomorrow... I'll b there singin ya happy bday!! Try not to laugh to hard.   Miss you.

Ashli Beck

I will never forget staying the night at your house.. i was almost asleep and you felt the need to wake me up because you were bored. lol! Typical Scott! You decided that we needed to go to the hut and play super mario til 4 in the morning. It was a blast...but needless to say we were both exhausted the next day. I miss you so much. Wish you were here...

Love you!!!

There are so many memories, but there are a couple that have stuck with me that i think back on and laugh about alot...The "ghetto candle experience" as Scott liked to refer to it,lol. Lets just say Scottie and I made an uh oh and my moms whole house smelled like cheech and chong after lighting up her candle that following morning....i called Scott immediatly to tell him and he could not stop laughing! Thats something we always reminiced about that made us share a good laugh together. There was also a time, i believe Scott was probably 16 or 17....he couldnt really drive a standard very well but we attempted to drive it to the gas station anyways....WITH THE EMERGENCY BRAKE ON THE WHOLE WAY THERE!Lol. When we arrived the car was smoking, he was freaking out...I was freaking out, lol then we sat down and laughed like crazy for about 15 minutes before we could even leave the gas station....I miss Scott alot, he was a great person and maybe he was just too perfect for this world. I will never forget all the memories and crazy times with him, ever....
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